Year 3 Build Compost Wormery in Science Lessons

Science learning in Year 3 is looking at how we can compost our household waste. A good starting point for this topic was to look at the science behind soil. We found that soil has four components. These include air, organic matter, water and minerals.

It was then time to make our own small compost recycling bin. Every day materials were used to build this.

The class members were split into groups. Each group member had their own task as part of the construction process.

The first job was to add some small rocks to the bottom of our composting container. A layer of soil was placed on top. This was then watered.

The excitement came when we added the worms. Each group had a small number of worms to place in their compost bins. Shredded paper and vegetable peel were then added on top.

The final task was to add a net layer for the top of our bins. This was secured with an elastic band.

Year 3 will then combine their science theory with some practical observations. We know that composting has four processes. This is additions, losses, translocation and transformation. We hope that worms will be able to show this theory in action!

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