Year 4 Jabberwocky Performance Poetry Videos

The Year 4 pupils have written their own poems inspired by The Jabberwocky. We have been reading this text for the past couple of weeks. The children have been inspired to create their own unique piece of writing using some of the ideas in the Louis Carol original.

Illustrations and artwork have been added to our writing. We have collected together all the Year 4 poems to create our own Jabberwocky book.

The class members then had great fun performing their poetry in front of their friends. We had a short short rehearsal session to think about some of the actions and emotions we could use in our delivery. The aim was to bring our words to life.

One class member has been able to recite the original Jabberwocky poem from start to finish. We are happy to share a video of this below, as well as a selection of some of our own pieces of performance poetry.

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