Year 5 PSHE Social Media Topic and Library Time

Year 5 are considering the implications of using social media as part of their PSHE learning. We have looked at some fictional social media platforms to decide if they are a friendly environment to use.

We looked at examples of content that might be shared on these fictional social media sites. The pupils were asked if each platform is a service they would like to join.

Examples included a site where you are encouraged to upload your own videos. This had a very large user base. We spoke about how random people we don’t know would be able to leave comments about our video.

We also had a class discussion about the authenticity of other users. One of the pupils was able to explain why it is important to know who we are talking with online.

This session ended with a reflection on how we feel about social media. Each class member was asked to think about if they need to modify their own online friendships.

We also spoke about where we can go to get support. Examples included a trusted adult, Childline, and the thinkyouknow website.

We concluded by asking if social media is helpful or unhelpful. Year 5 were able to understand how some online communication can be beneficial. Other platforms we need to be very wary of.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and our weekly library visits continue. Each class member gets to choose and stamp out their own books every Friday afternoon. This sets us up for a weekend of reading.

All classes at Michael Faraday school have recently benefited from the delivery of a brand new selection of books. These cover diversity and reflect our own school community. It is very important that all pupils are able to see role models in their stories.

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