Year 6 Consider Mental Health Support in PSHE Lessons

PSHE lessons in Year 6 have involved the students carrying out some thoughtful work associated with emotions. We have a broad theme of looking at self harm. We have seen how this can take many different forms. Our session remained positive, with plenty of solutions about how we can help others who may be in need.

The class members worked in groups to consider a specific situation. Each group was handed a short passage to read. Central to this was a character who felt left out. This resulted in self harm actions such as diet issues and becoming withdrawn.

We asked other class members to identify some of the thoughts, actions and feelings associated with our fictional passage. We posed the question: if we are a friend, how can we help?

Many different solutions were offered. These included speaking with parents or teachers, phoning Childline, contacting the NSPCC, or speaking with the school Counsellor.

The students were able to come away from the session with a better understanding on how to take care of their own mental health. We also learnt how we can help others when we are concerned about possible mental health issues.

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