Gold Medal for Mosolade in Global Maths Challenge

We are incredibly proud to announce that Year 6 pupil Mosolade has been crowned as a top mathlete in a global maths competition. Mosolade achieved the gold medal in the UK and Global Year 6 category of the World Maths Day challenge.

More than one million students from 17,000 schools across 200 countries participated in the challenge. This makes Mosolade’s achievement all the more impressive.

The idea behind the mathlete games was for pupils to have fun whilst solving maths challenges. Competitors progressed through twenty live maths games of varying difficulties.

Class teacher Kate commented:

“Mosolade is an incredibly motivated young person who never gives up on a challenge. He absolutely deserved to win this award and we are so proud of him.”

Congratulations, Mosolade. Your maths knowledge and enthusiasm is a credit to Michael Faraday School.

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