Space Exploration in Reception

The Reception children are having great fun with their space exploration class topic. We have created many colourful space pictures using pastels and dark paper.

The Reception classroom also now has a home built space rocket!. There is room for one astronaut in our rocket. The children have been talking about how it might feel to go on a space mission.

Written work for this topic has involved the Reception children describing the moon and different planets. We have added in some fantastic facts to show our knowledge of the solar system. We also have a 3D class display of the different planets.

One thought on “Space Exploration in Reception

  • May 24, 2021 at 10:29 am

    Great seeing teddy in the pictures he has really enjoyed learning about planets and space tells me all about it when he gets home about the rockets they have been painting thank you, you all done amazing job.

    Many thanks

    Teddy Sweeney mum

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