Year 4 Persuasive Writing, Butterflies and Achievers

Both Year 4 classes are incredibly busy as we head towards the end of the first half of the summer term. It was pleasing to see some very successful results in one of our final spelling tests before the break.

Zoe‘s class are reading the Iron Man book. The pupils have worked hard on a number of different written exercises. They were rewarded by watching the film ahead of the half term break.

Kul’s class are reading the book Tar Beach. This is a complex story that addresses issues of racism in 1930s New York.

We have held some great class discussions explaining why this is unfair and unjust. Each class member has written a persuasive letter. These explain why the membership policy for one of the unions in America was discriminatory.

You can watch a couple of students sharing their letters in the video below.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and we are hopeful of releasing the butterflies that we have been looking after. Sadly not all the butterflies survived the chrysalis stage.

We do have a collection of beautiful butterflies that are ready to depart. We are waiting for a change in the weather so that they have an excellent chance of survival. The Year 4 pupils will continue to feed them until this is possible.

Finally in Year 4 the pupils were able to reach agreement in nominating to friends for the achievement assembly. This is always a highlight of the week. It is great to hear feedback from our friends. We encourage a healthy class conversation with reasons given as to why our friends deserve to be nominated.

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