Year 5 Consider Online Screen Time in PSHE Lessons

Year 5 are continuing with their weekly PSHE lessons. We have held some very useful class discussions. We follow the PSEH rules during these sessions:

Take it in turns to speak, be kind and use positive words, listen to others, you have the right not to speak if you don’t want to, and respect the privacy of others.

We use a friendly jigsaw cushion to help us with our learning. Whoever is holding the cushion is able to speak to the rest of the class.

Our recent lesson helped us to recognise when we are spending too much time on our devices. We introduced vocabulary such as devices, screen time and social.

We started by listing as many tasks as possible that can be carried out on a mobile phone or tablet. The pupils were amazed at the scope of different activities that our devices can carry out.

Class teacher Laura read out a short passage about a boy who is spending too much time on his device. We then considered why he was feeling unhappy, and what was the cause of this.

This led to the class members thinking about what is a suitable amount of screen time each day. We completed a written task working with a partner. We looked at a series of warning signs that we are spending too long on our devices. Each pair came up with possible solutions.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and the pupils had a great time throughout Cultural Week 2021. One of the highlights was painting some Indian style diya lamps. It was also amazing to see so many different costumes from around the world being celebrated on the last day of the week.

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