Football and Ball Passing Skills in Year 3 PE

Football skills and all-round ball control are the two current themes for the Year 3 pupils as part of their PE learning. We usually start our sessions with a brief warm up. The children love playing the flush the toilet game! This involves freeing up a friend and pulling their chain if they have been caught by somebody else.

We have already covered our football dribbling skills in previous lessons. The children are now moving onto improving their football passing technique. Class teacher Sally explained how we should use the side of our foot when passing a ball. We have also looked at how we can control the ball when we receive it.

Some extra skills were also added in to the passing and receiving exercise. Some of the class members were able to to include some trick passes as part of their routine.

General ball control has also been part of our PE learning. Rafiat’s class worked in pairs on a throwing and catching routine. We experimented to find the best technique for throwing a ball that allowed our friends to catch it.

When both partners became confident, we added a little more distance between them. Bounce passes were also used. We found that we can control the ball better and direct it towards a partner with this type of pass. The next stage will be to move onto one-handed passes.

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