Southwark Splash Rehearsals in Year 5

Southwark Splash time is here once again! This is the annual production featuring many primary schools throughout the borough. Usually a grand event is staged at the Royal Festival Hall. This year an online adaptation will be taking place. This doesn’t mean that Splash can’t still be plenty of fun!

The theme for the performance this year is The Mayflower. This is a topic that has some strong local connections to the borough. The Year 5 pupils are taking on the roles of pilgrims and the indigenous population that the original Mayflower sailors first met.

Laura‘s Year 5 class are focusing on the spoken word part of the performance. Our work started with a choice of five words for the pupils to explore. These were freedom, education, technology, nature and history. Some individual written work followed based around our subject selection.

Elspeth‘s class are taking on the challenge of the dance and drama element for Southwark Splash. We are learning about totem poles and their significance. We have seen how these have powerful messages about wisdom and family.

Rehearsals will continue at Michael Faraday School over the coming weeks. We will join together the spoken word and dance elements of our performance. These will then be recorded and edited to feature our friends from other schools around the borough.

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