Summer Term Activities in the Michael Faraday Nursery

The Nursery children are reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We are learning how to sign butterfly and caterpillar using Makaton.

Some caterpillars will soon be arriving in the Nursery for the children to look after and observe. We have prepared the children by talking about what they can expect to see as the transformation takes place.

We are also very excited about our trip to Godstone Farm later in the month. The children will be able to see many of the animals we have learnt about throughout the summer term.

Our daily learning continues with phonics and maths. The children are learning the SATPIN sounds as part of their morning phonics work. Our maths learning is focusing on counting and looking for number and visual patterns.

We’re also helping the children to look after their resources and to show them how they can share them with their friends. The class members are becoming confident in using vocabulary when asking to share a resource with a friend.

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