Year 6 Work on Poetry Performance Project

Both Year 6 classes are making great progress with their weekly poetry workshops. We have welcomed Eastside into our school to offer professional poetry support.

The pupils are writing and performing their own spoken word poetry. This is part of a project involving ten other Southwark schools. The outcome will be a celebration where each school is recorded delivering their poetry. These will then be shared online as part of the same performance.

The Michael Faraday pupils are working together in small groups. The theme for the poems is Our New World. This is a topic which has optimism and hopes for our future.

Some of the topics addressed include equality, appearance, education and freedom. Our poems describe what a utopian world may look like.

Year 6 are now perfecting their final performance piece. We are working on vocal warm-ups, and techniques about how to relax with our delivery. Some very powerful performances are starting to develop.

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