Excitement in Y6 ahead of the Burnet News Club Awards

The Year 6 students are very excited about the Burnet News Club end of year ceremony. We meet after school each week with Leanne to research current affairs and improve our media skills.

Our sessions help the students to understand the world around them. We then use different forms of media to construct our own reports. These are shared online for other Burnet News Club members around the world to read.

The annual highlight of the Burnet News Club is the end of year awards. This is a global event with hundreds of schools across many different countries taking part.

In previous years there has been a grand ceremony taking place at Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately this is unable to happen this year because of Covid.

We aren’t going to let this spoil the fun at Michael Faraday School! All club members have been invited to an after-school ceremony being held at the school. We have requested that the attendees look smart. Canapés and soft drinks will be available.

In 2018 Michael Faraday School had the amazing achievement of winning the overall award. This will be a tough act to follow. The students this year have shown plenty of hard work, creativity and perseverance.

Three of our students have already been shortlisted for the top ten individual performances. They explain their thoughts and enthusiasm for the Burnet News Club in the videos below.

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