Great Teamwork from Year 3 in Weekly PE Lessons

Year 3 have been showing great teamwork in their recent PE lessons. We are playing a game called Collect the Flag. This is a strategy game which involves players working together to gain space and advantage.

The main aim of the game is for one team to collect the four flags that the other team defends at the opposite end of the court. If you enter into the other half of the court and you are tagged by an opponent, then you have to sit out in the pretend jail. You can only be released from jail when one of your teammates is able to run down to the other end of the court and tag you back.

Year 3 have been looking at different strategies to attack and defend. We have seen how teamwork is important. A team leader is needed to coordinate each move.

We shared some ideas at the end of the session on how to succeed in this game. Being vigilant and aware of those around you was one of the main points raised.

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