Year 1 Compare Old and New Toys

Year 1 are learning about the differences between old and new toys. Each class member has created a timeline to explain how toys have developed.

We have looked at four distinct time periods. These cover Victorian toys, the early 20th century, the toys our grandparents played with, and finally modern day toys that we enjoy.

The children are identifying toys from each period. We have placed these in the correct place on our timeline.

A large part of this learning is to look at the materials that toys from each period were made out of. We have spoken about why Victorian toys were made of wood, whilst modern day toys might be made of plastic.

Our classroom currently has an investigation station. This includes many old toys for the children to learn about first hand.

Elsewhere in Year 1 and World Ocean Day was celebrated with four different activities. We looked at the coral habitat and built some models. Another activity was to explore the layers of the ocean. We carried out a science experiment to show what can be found at each level.

Another topic involved looking at sea turtles and how they migrate from the shore to the sea. Finally we researched plastics and the importance of recycling to keep them out of the ocean. Each class member designed our own machine to rid the ocean of plastics.

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