Year 5 Star in Uplifting Southwark Splash Performance

Weeks of rehearsal paid off for Year 5 when they proudly performed their contribution to this year‘s Southwark Splash. Covid meant there could be no show at the Royal Festival Hall. Instead we had great fun filming our online presentation.

Both classes made a fantastic contribution. Laura‘s class took on the spoken word and acting part of the Mayflower story. Elspeth‘s class led the way with a brilliant dance routine.

Year 5 were superb on the day! The rehearsals paid off. We were able to use our amazing outdoor theatre space.

Both of these performances were filmed by our friends from Southwark Splash. They will then be edited together with a contributions from other Southwark schools. Splash this year will have a permanent online record of the amazing creativity we have throughout the borough.

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