Reception Fun and Games ahead of Year 1 Transition

The Reception children spent a day meeting their new teachers for the new school year ahead. It is quite a change going from Reception to Year 1.

The main difference is making the transition to a classroom situation. Each class member will have their own desk space. They are expected to take responsibility for their resources.

We spent Transition Day understanding how we can learn and stay safe in our new classroom. The children were able to point out many of the fantastic resources. These include a book corner, the role-play area and the dedicated Year One outdoor play space.

Both staff and children spent a little time remembering everyone’s name. We played some fun games to help us with this task.

Bug in a Rug was enjoyed by everyone. The idea is that one class member closes their eyes. Another class member then slips underneath the blanket. The aim is to identify which class member is the Bug in the Rug.

Finally we spent a little time creating some self portraits. These will become bunting flags when we return to our new learning space in September.

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