Superworm Writing, Drawing and Learning in the Nursery

The Nursery children are enjoying reading Superworm as our shared class book. We have looked at the shape of Superworm and used this to help us with our art learning.

Each class member has modelled their own Superworm using paper. We were asked to think about the shape of the character and how we can recreate this.

We have also had some help from Superworm with our writing coordination skills. The children have drawn pictures of Superworm on the whiteboard. We tried to keep the body of Superworm as wriggly as possible.

Transition Day for the Nursery children involved meeting their new Reception teachers. We also were able to enjoy some time in our new classroom. This helps the children to feel comfortable ahead of the September start.

The Nursery teaching staff are looking forward to welcoming some new children when we return in September. We have hosted small groups of children in the Nursery so they can feel familiar within the school.

Finally we are hopeful of an end of term celebration in the Nursery. The children have achieved many amazing landmarks this year and we would like to recognise this. One of the tasks to help with a celebration will be for the children to prepare sandwiches for their friends.

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