Year 2 Transition Day as Pupils Move to Key Stage 2

Year 2 were faced with an immediate challenge at the start of their Transition Day. The children were introduced to their new teachers, and then asked to work as a team to build a tower.

We use newspaper to model our towers. The challenge was to see which group could build the highest tower without it falling down. We soon learnt that we could be successful if we helped our friends and worked together as a team.

The transition from Year 2 to Year 3 is quite a major move. The pupils will have new surroundings as they move up to the top floor of the school.

Our Transition Day helped the class members to feel comfortable with their new environment. This included exploring the balcony outside our classroom, and knowing where they can find the toilets.

This is also the first time that the children will be in Key Stage Two. New responsibilities such as class assemblies are now part of this arrangement.

A final task for Transition Day was to design a colourful poster displaying our names. Each class member was then asked to write three interesting facts about themselves on the back. Ideas included activities we enjoyed doing, as well as setting some goals for the new school year ahead.

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