Year 4 Design and Build Electric Torches

Kul’s Year 4 class are very excited ahead of the Euro 2020 final. We have drawn England in the school sweepstake! The prize for the winning team is for some extra time to be enjoyed in the school MUGA Facility. Extra PE resources will also be bought for the winning class.

Learning is continuing as we count down towards the end of term. Our science lessons have seen each class member design and build their own electric torches.

We have learnt about the flow of electricity and how circuits work. A simple circuit structure involving a power source and a small lightbulb was put together. We then designed and built a case to hold this in. Each torch was decorated by the class members.

Our English learning has involved writing a short descriptive piece about ourselves. These will be sent to our new class teachers so that we can get to know each other ahead of the new school year. The final piece of work what typed up using the school chrome books.

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