Year 6 Research Injustice and Social Change

Year 6 have combined different curriculum topics as we head towards the end of the school year. We recently watched a short video telling a true story of an inspiring East London student.

The story involved how one female student was determined to support another class friend whose family had been told they needed to go back to Angola. We talked about how having determination to change can overcome injustice. We thought of situations where things can only get better when people show courage.

Some hot seating drama activities took place. The Year 6 students took on the role of various characters involved in the story. We used a question and answer session to explore some of the emotions involved.

This learning also connects to Street Child, our current class reading book. We are learning about injustice between the rich and poor.

The work is also linked to our geography learning. Year 6 are exploring different African countries and looking at the history behind the various nations.

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