Fantastic Start to the New School Year for Year 5 Pupils

The Year 5 classes have had a busy first week back after the summer break. We asked some of the pupils what they have enjoyed most during the first week of learning.

Zara said:

“I really enjoyed our maths work. We have looked at place value. I thought I had forgotten some of these skills over the summer. It turns out that I am still pretty good at maths!“

Madeline has enjoyed her artwork this week:

“I found self portraits fairly easy. It was made quite simple if you follow the steps. We were encouraged by Laura to keep on practising. We didn’t give up, and we all have some brilliant pictures.“

English has been a class favourite for Harry:

“I enjoyed English this week. We set out targets for what we want to learn throughout the new year. It’s good for us to have something to focus on and try and achieve. I now know what I need to aim for in Year 5.“

Andrew has also enjoyed his English work:

“We created our own word searches. The idea was for us to think of many different words and then try and hide them away for our friends to find. It was good to use the school dictionaries to make sure that our spelling was perfect.”

Finally Mariama had fun on a unique art project:

“We got to design our own coat of arms! The first challenge for us was to think of a motto. This is a short sentence that inspires us. We then got to draw some pictures. We were asked to try and communicate a message in our pictures.“

Finally we have started reading The BFG. This is a brilliant book and the children are already asking many questions about what might happen later in the plot.

A fantastic start for the Year 5 pupils!