Friendships, Phonics and Music in Reception

The Reception children have started the new term with a focus on making new friends. We want the children to feel comfortable around the school. We are exploring some of the areas of the main playground that are new to us.

This is offered as a treat each time the children support each other around our classroom. We have a large jam jar in the class. Whenever the class teachers see exemplary behaviour, an extra marble is added. Once the jar becomes half full, then it is time for a treat.

Our daily teaching routine starts with our phonics sessions. The children are recapping their learning from Nursery.

We use the large class whiteboard and take it in turns to trace the letter formation. This is also repeated on our own smaller whiteboards. The children are asked to identify any letters that appear in their own names.

The Reception children are also having great fun with our weekly music lessons with Noura. We are making the most of the late summer weather by holding these outdoors!

Part of this learning involves following instructions. Noura starts with a welcome song. We then have some marching and counting.

A recent session ended with a new song being introduced. The children were asked to sing their names. This helps to build up their own personal confidence and develop our friendships.