New Starters in the Michael Faraday Nursery

We are very happy to welcome the new starters to the Michael Faraday Nursery. We have spent the first few days of the term settling in. The children have been finding out where we keep our many amazing resources.

We have used the Nursery toys to make new friendships. The children are learning how to share their resources, and how we can feel happy and safe playing together.

One of our early topics in the Nursery will be family celebrations. We are looking forward to cooking different kinds of food that represents our diverse community – first up on the menu will be some tasty Kurdish food.

Finally in the Nursery it is worth mentioning the fantastic plant growth that took place during the summer holidays. We returned to our outdoor space to find a selection of strawberries waiting for us to enjoy! The children are also growing mint and rosemary. We are looking after the plants and taking it in turns to water them.