The School Council is an elected assembly made up of two representatives from each class, from Year 3 upwards.


The Council members meet up with the Head Teacher on a regular basis, to discuss and help formulate school policy.


Any child is able to stand for election. Class teachers encourage the candidates to campaign and deliver a speech in front of the class, explaining why they believe they would make a good representative for their fellow pupils.


Voting is anonymous, the end result being two elected Councillors. The term of office is for one school year. Past policy has included activities for children in the playground during break times, the school menu and discussion on school uniform.


Representatives ask their class mates ahead of Council meetings what issues they would like to be raised.


The School Council is a great way for our children to develop their debating skills. Some of the Councilors can push a hard bargain!


Feedback is then given back to the rest of the class. True democracy in action!