Michael Faraday School takes seriously its obligations towards the safety and well being of all the pupils in its care. This includes e-safety.

To this end we have published policies for safeguarding and for e-safety. We have also included links to a number of valuable and informative websites, already introdced to parents in May 2014 by our Safeguarding Officer, Paul Armstrong.

He will always be happy to discuss with you any worries, ideas or suggestions which you may have in relation to Safeguarding. He is planning further e-safety events and workshops for parents and children.


You can download the Michael Faraday e-safety policy esafety-policy-2016.doc [Word]

A copy of our Safeguarding policy can be safeguarding-policy-2016.docx [Word]

Pupils, parents and carers might find the following links of use:

Jigsaw – a video suitable for 8 – 10 year olds

Chat Danger

CEOP Command – national crime agency child protection

CEOP Think You Know

CEOP Think You Know for parents and carers

CEOP Parents’ and Carers’ guide to the internet

Digizen – digital citizenship

Digizen – for parents

Digizen cyberbullying film

Childnet – An e-safety presentation containing advice and information for parents and carers

Childnet resources for parents and carers

Five esafety smart rules from childnet

Cartoons to illustrate e-safety SMART rules