Michael Faraday School Governors

Michael Faraday School is supported by a governing body of fourteen people. We come from all walks of life and bring many different skills and experiences to the job. What unites us is a desire to see the best for the school of which we are all very proud.

Our main responsibility is overseeing school improvement. This means ensuring that we maintain high pupil achievement and standards – but also, just as importantly, the personal development and well-being of all our children.

Who makes up the governing body?

Parent governors: Any parent of a child registered at Michael Faraday School may run for election, make nominations and vote.

In addition, all members of staff (teaching and support) have the same opportunity to stand for / nominate and vote for staff governors.

Other members are either from the Local Authority (LEA governors) or are Community governors – members of the local community who have an interest in the school.

Current Governors:

Angus Norman

Angus has been an LEA governor since 1998 and has served on most of the governing committees. He was appointed as Chair on 11th July 2013. Although he was brought up in the North East of England he has lived and worked in London for many years. Angus is now semi-retired and works as an advisor to the energy industry. Before this he was a company Chief Executive Officer

“Having come from a working class background with very little education, I have a passion to see children get on in life. I believe in being recognised for your achievements, encouraged for your efforts to do better and having respect for yourself as well as others around you. We can and have done so much at Michael Faraday to make our children really feel that there are NO LIMITS and that they ALL have far to go.”

Bernard Dainton

Bernard is Deputy Chair of the governing body. He is also chair of the finance sub-committee, and sits on the premises sub-committee. He was an engineer in the aerospace industry for some years, then retrained for the Christian ministry in the early 1990s, leading a small church in Peckham from 1992-2009. He has worked for charities helping people to find work, and is now an independent business consultant.

“I’ve always been concerned for social justice, and I’m particularly proud of the way Michael Faraday School empowers its pupils to follow their dreams, despite the disadvantages of the neighbourhood.”

Meriam Wilson

Meriam is a parent governor with one son in the KS@ and another coming up the ranks. She is a radio producer and has worked for many years at the BBC World Service. It’s a stimulating, cosmopolitan environment – and was founded to inform, educate and entertain: aims not a million miles from those of Michael Faraday School. Meriam sits on the Curriculum committee and is link governor for Literacy.

“I did really well out of the State school system, growing up in Inner London through the 70’s and 80’s. Now, it’s my turn to give something back.”

Clair Stretton

Clair has been a co-opted governor at Michael Faraday since 2013 and sits on the resources sub committee. After working as a writer and editor on women’s magazines for many years, Clair is now a freelance journalist, studying for a diploma in upholstery in her spare time. She is newly appointed co-link governor for maths and is also involved in the development of the outdoor space at Michael Faraday.

Katherine Shipton

Katherine has recently joined the board of governors. She is a co-opted governor and co-link governor for Safeguarding. She lives in the local area and works in market research for Ipsos MORI. She is also a mentor for the educational charity The Girls Network, working with girls across various inner London schools.

Sophie Bradford

Sophie is a Parent Governor, sitting on the Curriculum and Standards Committee. She is also link governor for English. Sophie’s first degree was an MA (Hons) from Edinburgh University. For many years, she worked in the creative industries as, variously, Head of Development and Acquisitions for a British film production company, a Literary Agent and a Film Agent. Once her children were of school age (both Michael Faraday Primary School pupils), she studied for the PGCE at the Institute of Education and retrained as a primary school teacher; she has been teaching at an Ofsted-rated ‘outstanding’ school in Bermondsey since 2011.

“I was so impressed by the children and the teachers at Michael Faraday, I retrained to become a teacher. As a parent, I have seen first-hand the way that Michael Faraday supports children to develop as self-reliant, knowledge-loving and confident members of their community. The staff and Governing Body have high expectations for their students and now more than ever we need to support our school to continue to be that safe place to learn and achieve.”

Chris Peters

Chris has been a co-opted governor at Michael Faraday since 2016 and sits on the resources sub-committee. He is an experienced lawyer who has worked at law firms and companies in the banking and technology sectors. Originally from Australia, he has lived in Southwark for several years.