Nursery Home Learning Activities

Week Beginning 30th March

Our wonderful music teacher Noura has kindly recorded another special video message for the Nursery children.

Busy Things - is a great learning resource for Nursery and Reception children. You can now subscribe for only £1 a month
We have a very special treat for the Nursery children. Class teacher Catherine has kindly recorded a short story for us to watch.

You can watch Catherine reading The Gruffalo below.

If you feel inspired to create some artwork at home then why not design some posters showing that you support our wonderful NHS staff?

Many children throughout the country are creating rainbow posters and placing them in their windows. The idea is help key workers be happy on their way to work each morning.

Think about adding a rainbow to your design. This is a symbol that many children are using to show that they support the brave NHS staff who work in our hospitals.

We would love to share any of your posters on the Michael Faraday School website! You can scan in your poster, or take a photo of it with a phone, and then upload using the box below.


Week Beginning 23rd March

It is important that we all try and keep to a routine whilst we are away from school. Catherine and Deanna have put together a suggested daily timetable for the Nursery children.

You can view the activities over here.
We are going to go on an Easter egg hunt!

There are some videos for you to watch over here.

We also some a worksheet to follow over here.

Let's sort the eggs into colours and sizes. You can count who has the most, and who has the fewest. Is it fair? See if you can share the eggs with the children.
Our music teacher Noura has recorded a special music video for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children.

Our lessons this term have included the song There's a Little Wheel a Turning. Noura has kindly recorded a video that we can all watch and join in with at home.

It includes different actions for the children to take part in. We should all be note perfect when we return to school.

Thank you Noura!