Recommendations for Extra Home Learning


Our main recommendation to parents for home learning would be for children to focus on learning key number facts such as number bonds, counting on and back in 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s etc, timetables and inverse division facts by heart.

Literacy home learning can be boosted by focussing upon phonics and word work using the interactive games. Parents could also dip into topic related activities to expand or consolidate on what they have been learning in class.

Plus the value of spending a short amount of time listening and helping your child with their reading each evening is invaluable! All Michael Faraday pupils have a Reading Diary which their class teachers regularly use to update on individual progress.

There is no substitute for face to face home learning with your child. The internet however can help with these tasks, with a huge amount of online learning resources. We are going to pool together some of our favourite sites here.

Cross Curriculum:

London Grid for learning – pupils can access resources relating to the curriculum and that they may have been using with their class at school. Children require a username to log on. We will be issuing these shortly to each student.


Interactive Resources – pupils can access interactive maths games related to their year group and different key objectives. Pupils have been issued with a username and password by their teacher.

We have recently introduced mathsletics so that every child can have access to a web-based maths programme at home, as well as at school.


ICT Games – the literacy section contains phonics games.


Language Nut – This supports learning a range of different languages and is used in class by Joanna. Usernames and passwords have been issued.