Year 2 Home Learning Activities

Year 2 General Home Learning Activities

It is important that we all try and keep to a routine whilst we are away from school. Sally and Emma have put together a suggested daily timetable for the Year 2 children.

You can view the activities over here.
This maths topic will help you to learn about halves and quarters. There are some short videos to watch over here.

Our first task will help us to make equal parts. You can find the worksheet over here.

We are now going to divide different shapes into half. This exercise can be found over here.

The next task involves finding halves. You can use items such as buttons or counters to help with this. The worksheet is available over here.

We will look at quarters next. The worksheet over here will help you to see how we can make quarters.

Finally we will use this information to find some quarters over here. Good luck!
Our music teacher Noura has recorded a special music video for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children.

Our lessons this term have included the song There's a Little Wheel a Turning. Noura has kindly recorded a video that we can all watch and join in with at home.

It includes different actions for the children to take part in. We should all be note perfect when we return to school.

Thank you Noura!

Week Beginning Monday 30 March