Year 3 Home Learning Activities

Year 3 General Home Learning Activities

Kate and Rafiat have put together a great guide of online learning activities for Year 3 class members.

Useful websites

Please remember to supervise your children online.

LEARNING -- children should have individual logins glued in the front of their planners. This has activities specifically tailored to the curriculum.

U: Student21455 P: faraday

Children can log on here and practise their coding skills.

U: Year3 P: Year 3

A platform for all subjects – just explore! -- for handwriting

Rafiat: U: michaelfaraday_9 P: handwriting

Kate: U: michaelfaraday_10 P: handwriting – for learning games

U: faraday P: faraday - maths resources

U: faraday P: faraday - general learning -- general learning -- coding for kids, you will need to create a free account -- free online lessons when you create an account (this is not necessarily tailored to the UK curriculum) -- science and geography – maths games - (Duolingo isn’t strictly for kids but is an excellent way of practising a language)

Please check the school website regularly for any links that we haven’t put here. Other year groups might also have some good ideas!

LEISURE – encourage your children to stay active and take regular activity breaks when learning!

Joe Wicks Kids:

kids beginners workout

8 min HIIT workout

8 min workout

5 min workout

8 min workout

5 min move

Firefighter fit kids

Username: FFK1

Password: HealthyHomes


God’s Plan Kidzbop

Friends Kidzbop

Happier Kidzbop

The Middle KidzbopGo Noodle Milkshake

- Go Noodle Banana Banana Meatball

Go Noodle Pop See Ko

Go Noodle Clap It Out

Just Dance Waka Waka

Just Dance What Makes You Beautiful

Just Dance Dynamite

Just Dance Watch Me

• - learning while dancing!

Calming Down (these activities are nice to do once or twice a day)

Rainbow Breath Go Noodle

- Bring it down flow Go Noodle

Five Finger Breathing
It is important that we all try and keep to a routine whilst we are away from school. Kate and Rafiat have put together a suggested daily timetable for the Year 3 pupils.

You can view the activities over here.

Week beginning Monday 30th March

Class teachers Kate and Rafiat have prepared a message and learning plan for you for the week ahead. You can read it over here.

You will need the worksheet over here to help you with the Stone Age and Bronze Age task.

Have a great week!
We are going to make fractions fun! You can start your learning by watching the short videos over here.

Our first task involves working out the fraction from some of the items coloured in. You can find this activity over here.

Next we are going to learn how to make fractions whole. You can use counters or buttons to help with the questions over here.

We are going to look at tenths next. We have some colouring exercises to help you to see how a tenth is made up. You can find the worksheet over here.

This information can be used to count in tenths. Follow the sequences on the sheet over here.

Finally we are going to learn about converting tenths into decimals. You can find out more over here.
We have a daily English activity for you to work through.

GR Icarus

English Monday 30th March

English Tuesday 31st March

English Wednesday 1st April

English Thursday 2nd April

English Friday 3rd April

We also have a reading exercise over here. Read the story and then answer the questions.

Finally we have a poetry worksheet. Read through the poems and then complete the worksheet.
The Draw a Plant Game is a fun way to demonstrate your plant and growth knowledge.