Year 5 Home Learning Activities

Year 5 General Home Learning Activities

It is important that we all try and keep to a routine whilst we are away from school. Sophie and Elspeth have put together a suggested daily timetable for the Year 5 children.

You can view the activities over here.
Time for some decimals! They can be fun...

Please start your learning by watching the videos over here.

Ready for the first exercise?

The activity sheet over here will help you with place value charts, partitioning and matching words to numerals.

You may find it helpful to use a grid so that you can see the decimals whilst you are counting. The worksheet over here explains more.

This work continues on the sheet over here. It also adds in a number line to help with our decimal learning.

We're hopefully now ready for the next level. Let's look at thousandths. The diagrams over here will help you. Remember that thousandths work in the same way as hundredths - just on a larger scale!

Finally we are going look at thousandths as decimals. There is a very helpful worksheet over here that will guide you through the work.
Sophie and Elspeth are keen for you to carry on with the wonderful progress you have made with your maths learning!

The mathsletic website over here is a great place to start. Pupils should know their logins. Work your way through the activities that are suitable for Year 5.

Another great maths website is Interactive Resources over here. This also includes many of the activities we have been working on in class.

It is always good to work on your times table knowledge. Each Year 5 pupil should know what their targets are. Now is a great time to get yourself up to speed as far as 12 x 12 ahead of Year 6!

Square numbers is another key Year 5 maths topic. Pupils (and parents!) can find some useful tips over here.

Finally the Hit the Button games over here are a great way to improve your mental maths.

Have fun!
This is a great time to start writing a daily diary! It needn't be a personal diary. You could write about the meals you are eating, what you have watched on TV and any special messages for your friends. It would be great to add a short entry each day. You only need to write one paragraph.

One of the English activities we have looked at in class is how to write newspaper reports. Members of the Burnet News Club will be very familiar with this. You could write a weekly newspaper article.

Look at how the Coronavirus story is being reported. Use the facts that you hear on the news to write your own report. Make sure to add all the facts. Your opening sentence should explain who, what, where, why and when. Think about some quotes that you could add into your story. Be creative!

If you want to use your imagination then perhaps you could write a poem. This is a very different way of living for us all at the moment. Use this experience in a positive way to write a poem describing your feelings or what is happening right now. It needn't be a rhyming poem - it needn't even be sad. We all need to keep on smiling 😀

The above activities can keep you busy with editing, redrafts an adding illustrations. This is your chance to document a unique experience that we are all living through. Your work will be a powerful historical document when we return to school.

Plus don't forget the grammar activities supplied by Sophie and Elspeth in the learning packs. You can also keep your spelling skills in good shape by working on spellodrome. This has the same login as mathletics.
It is very important that we all keep fit. You can still exercise each day even if you are staying indoors. All that you need is a small space and a little bit of energy.

A great way to start each day is the PE with Joe Live sessions. These take place at 9am every morning. You can also catch up with these later in the day if you want another workout!

Change4Life offers a ten minute shake up. Having a routine is very good for us as we all adapt to a new way of living whilst we are away from school.

If you think you have the moves then Just Dance on YouTube will be able to test you. We could even have a dance off contest when we return to Michael Faraday to see who has made the most of their exercise time.

BBC Super Movers is another option.

Finally think about indoor yoga and meditation. If you do need to go outside for some very short exercise then speak with an adult in your house first. They will be able to keep you safe.
It's important that we use this extra time to stay creative. Try breaking up your maths and literacy work with some creative activities.

Junk modelling would be a god start. You can use any empty cereal boxes, egg boxes or milk containers to build some models. Suggestions include animals, robots, building and bridges. We could display these when we return to Michael Faraday.

If you have access to the resources then drawing, colouring, painting or making collages can be very relaxing. Maybe add some illustrations to your literacy work?

Finally origami, sewing and even knitting will help to develop your artistic skills. Who can knit the longest scarf?!

You may have seen the rainbow pictures that many people are now putting in their windows. These let us all know that everyone is thinking about each other.
You can continue with the Spanish learning we have started in class with some home learning. The BBC Bitesize website has a great Spanish section for Year 5 pupils.

It's also possible to carry on with the ICT coding work that we have started. We are using the software Scratch to build up an online setting and move characters around the screen.

Espresso is another package that we use to develop our coding skills. Parents and carers can email Jason for the login and password details.

Finally let's finish with some quizes! Sporkle geography is a great resource for brushing up on your country, capitals and flags knowledge.

Week Beginning 30th March

Sophie and Elspeth have put together a series of activities for all Year 5 pupils to complete for this week. You can find the information over here.

Please keep any written work that you complete. We will be able to review this when we return to school.
We have the latest edition of First News ready for you to read. It has plenty of news stories explaining what is happening with the Corona virus.

Please read through the newspaper over here. You can then choose one story and summarise this. Think of what the most important parts of the story are, and then list them.

If you feel inspired to create some artwork at home then why not design some posters showing that you support our wonderful NHS staff?

Many children throughout the country are creating rainbow posters and placing them in their windows. The idea is help key workers be happy on their way to work each morning.

Think about adding a rainbow to your design. This is a symbol that many children are using to show that they support the brave NHS staff who work in our hospitals.

We would love to share any of your posters on the Michael Faraday School website! You can scan in your poster, or take a photo of it with a phone, and then upload using the box below.